#4: Technologies to Support Language Learning

Our guests are Rehab Rajab, immediate past-president of TESOL Arabia and MAET alumna, Dr. Chin-Hsi Lin, Assistant Professor of Language Learning and Technology at Michigan State University, Jean-Pierre Heussaf, ESL Teacher at the American School of Paris and celebrated student affairs coordinator of the MAET Overseas program, Jamie Perry, Spanish Teacher, Chicago Public schools and MAET alumna, and Wheatley Davis, Graphite.org Certified Educator for Common Sense Media, Spanish Teacher, custom essays writing, MAET alumna and recently appointed content curator with the Graduate Certificate in Educational Technology program.

Our hosts, Spencer Greenhalgh (learner of French as a second language and former FSL teacher) and Rohit Mehta (learner of English as a Second Language) are doctoral students in Educational Psychology and Educational Technology at MSU. For details, click here.