#24: Gamification

Have you ever noticed how hard it can be to pull kids away from a video game? What if we could engage kids on this level in our classrooms? Researchers have been exploring ways to do this through an idea called gamification. Gamification is the process of teaching content by incorporating game elements such as scoring, competition and rules of play. Considering recent rapid changes in technology, the use of technology to ‘gamify’ our classrooms is a possibility that could have a huge impact on education. Adding elements of gamification may lead to higher levels of engagement and collaboration which may, in turn, lead to higher achievement. Join us as we discuss these and other potential uses, strengths, and limitations of gamification in the classroom. Our discussion will include experts, Liz Boltz, Professor with the MAET program at Michigan State University, Spencer Greenhalgh, PhD candidate in the Educational Psychology and Educational Technology Program at Michigan State University, and Carrie Heeter, Professor in the Department of Media and Information at Michigan State University.