#25: Information Literacy and Social Media

Ever thought about Twitter as an educational tool? If you were to poll students about social media, more than likely a majority of them would have a social media account. Social media is a concept students understand very well. Why not use it as an educational tool or even as a tool for professional development?

If you are interested, please join the conversation! Dr. Christine Greenhow, an Assistant Professor in the College of Education at Michigan State University and Sarah Gretter, a doctoral candidate in Educational Psychology and Educational Technology (EPET) at MSU, will weigh in on Informational Literacy and Social Media in webinar format. They will discuss social media, focusing on Twitter, and its uses in the classroom as well as how teachers use social media for professional development.

The conversation will run live on Tuesday, July 26 at 9:30 a.m. EST on the MAET-The Bridge Website http://bridge.educ.msu.edu.

Your hosts, Andrea Dashe, Du Bui, and Denise Crudup invite you to join the live conversation on Twitter using the hashtags #MAETBridge and/or #MAETy2.

To learn more about what Christine and Sarah talk about in this video, check out the following resources: