Encouraging Reluctant Teachers to Use Technology

Students of all ages in 2017 are being asked to demonstrate technological literacy, outside-the-box thinking, and innovative creativity in order to become successful learners, deep thinkers, and productive members of their global communities.  Many educators are stepping up to this challenge, and working to integrate technologies purposefully and meaningfully into their classrooms.  But what about teachers who have had success with traditional methods for years?  What about those who are a bit leery of these new technologies?

Join us Wednesday, August 9 from 8-9am EST to chat with some experts in the field of technology integration, to gain insights on how you can encourage reluctant educators to take a step into the tech world, or get some new ideas for yourself!  Follow and share your thoughts on Twitter with the hashtags #MAETBridge #MAETert

To learn more about the ideas we will be discussing, feel free to check out the resources below: